How to Choose Mala Beads

Mala beads manifest in a spectrum of colors and materials, ranging from natural gemstones to crystals, pearls, wood, or seed beads. Infused with intention, each strand can become tailored to your unique spiritual purpose and energetic desires for every chapter or phase your life.

Gemstones each come with their own vibration or healing energy. From the base of the body to the crown, just above the head, there are seven energy points that form an energetic channel along the center of the spine. These seven points are called chakras which are color coded and each have a specific vibration that when in balance can improve our emotional, spiritual, and physical energy.  

Both gemstones and crystals can assist in keeping the chakras balanced so that the natural healing energy we possess in our bodies can flow and evolve. At times our charkas can become blocked or imbalanced due to our modern society and personal lifestyles. These healing energy stones can bring more vibrations to specific chakra points to help boost our systems overall energy vibration frequency. The higher the vibrational frequency in our systems, the more aligned our energy will be with our higher purpose and all that we wish to create or manifest in this lifetime.

Picking gemstones or crystals that represent and relate to specific chakras can be a very personalized healing ritual. For example, if you want to attract more abundance in your life you may choose a stone that is related to the solar plexus chakra. This chakra supports self-confidence, empowerment, determination, and vitality. Giving the wearer the power and inspiration to more fully promote opportunity, advancement, and prosperity in their lives.

Aromatherapy is another way to cultivate healing and wellness into daily living. Essential oils also have a plethora of healing benefits ranging from relaxation to wind down or feeling more alert and attuned to your daily tasks. They also have health benefits that can work with the body to build immunity and ward off harmful germs and bacteria.

Natural Lava stone beads and wood beads can be used for aromatherapy and can be included in your Mala adding a sensual layer of healing to your piece by applying essential oils onto the lava stones or by taking in the aroma of the natural wood. These aromas will react with your bodies temperature and diffuse naturally throughout the day as you wear your Mala Necklace or Bracelets.

In the end, picking mala beads is like finding a soulmate. Take your time, breath, feel your energy, and connect with your intentions. Let the colors and energies speak to you. Trust your gut instincts and pick the mala that with your spiritual journey and dreams.